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5 Tips to Achieve a Low-conflict Divorce Settlement in MA


Ending a marital relationship can be an intensely emotional and stressful process. It can trigger feelings of anger, guilt, fear, and despair in divorcing couples, as a result of which they might blame each other for the failure of their marriage.

It is, however, fundamental to minimize conflict during divorce proceedings, especially if you have young children. A high-conflict divorce cannot only take a heavy toll on you, but also leave your children traumatized.

Attorney Jay Davis has handled several contested divorce cases in his career and has a track record of achieving positive outcomes even in the most contentious of cases. He can expertly guide you through the divorce process, help you keep conflict to a minimum, and make sure your interests are protected.

To find out how Massachusetts family law attorney Jay Davis can help you with your divorce, call our firm today at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online and schedule a free consultation.

Tips to Avoid Conflict During Divorce Proceedings

1. Communicate Clearly

Lack of proper communication is one of the biggest reasons why many divorcing couples are unable to reach a consensus on key issues like spousal support and child custody. It’s critical to communicate your needs, concerns, and apprehensions to your spouse so that they can understand what you want out of the divorce, meet you halfway, and reach an agreement.

2. Listen to Your Spouse

Just as you should communicate your thoughts and feelings to your spouse, you should also listen to them so that you can get a clear idea of their needs and concerns and understand what they want out of the divorce.

Even if you do not agree with everything your spouse says, you should still listen to them and ask questions if needed to make sure they are saying what you think they are saying. The very fact that you are expressing interest in what your spouse has to say can deescalate the situation to a great extent and create an environment where you and your spouse can discuss your issues without being at each other’s throat all the time.

The presence of a skilled divorce attorney can make it easier for you to keep your emotions in check and have a candid discussion with your spouse about the issues that matter the most to both of you.

Massachusetts divorce attorney Jay Davis can guide you throughout the divorce proceedings, give you the right advice at the right time, tell you what is crucial and what is not worth spending your time on, and help you stay focused on the big picture. To discuss your case with our team, call Davis Law Group today at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online and schedule a free consultation.

3. Don’t Get Fixated on What You Think You Deserve

There is nothing wrong in wanting to get your fair share in a divorce. At the same time, you should understand that your spouse might want their fair share too. Divorce is not a zero-sum game, where one spouse’s gains come at the cost of the other spouse’s losses. In order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, you and your spouse need to compromise on certain issues, meet each other halfway, and find solutions to your problems with the help of your attorney.

4. Focus on the Big Picture

Do not argue with or antagonize your spouse out of spite. Not only can it lead to conflict, but it can also damage your relationship with your spouse beyond repair. It usually happens when you lose sight of what is actually important to you and what you want to get out of the divorce.

An experienced family law attorney can help you understand what is important for your long-term interests and make sure you stay focused on the big picture.

5. Take It One Step at a Time

Divorce is a process. It is unreasonable for you — or your spouse for that matter — to expect to resolve all your issues in one sitting. When you have unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved in a negotiation, you are likely to get angry or feel hurt when those expectations are not met, which in turn can lead to unnecessary conflicts.

This is one of the key reasons why you should hire a committed divorce attorney, since they can tell you what is realistically possible and what is not, keep you grounded, and help you resolve your issues one at a time, thereby minimizing conflict to a significant extent.

Want to Avoid Conflict in Your Divorce? We Can Help You!

Jay Davis is one of the most trusted, highest-rated divorce attorneys in Massachusetts today. He brings top-notch legal knowledge and years of experience to the table and can guide you expertly through the divorce process. He can identify topics or issues that can possibly trigger a conflict, help you avoid them, and make sure you get what you want out of the divorce without unnecessarily antagonizing your spouse.

To find out how Massachusetts divorce attorney Jay Davis can help you achieve a low-conflict divorce settlement, call Davis Law Group today at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online and schedule a free consultation.

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