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9 Tips to Negotiate Your Alimony Settlement in MA


Alimony or spousal support is hands-down one of the most difficult-to-resolve aspects of a contentious divorce. When you and your spouse are splitting up, and the decision is not amicable, the last thing either of you wants to discuss is the prospect of giving any money to each other.

But as hard as it may be, the subject must be addressed and the only way to do it successfully is to be as prepared as possible before negotiations begin. Whether you are the recipient or the payee, the amount of alimony can have a long-lasting impact on the lifestyle you — and your children, if you have any — are able to enjoy.

Jay Davis, who has 34+ years of experience walking clients through complex divorces and alimony settlements, will evaluate your situation and advise you as to whether you will be the recipient of alimony or if you will likely be ordered to pay such support. In either case, Jay and his legal team at Davis Law Group will use their vast knowledge and expertise in Massachusetts family law to create an agreement that’s in your best interests. To talk to us about your case, please call (617) 752-6216 or contact us online.

How to Successfully Negotiate Alimony with Your Ex-Spouse

Discussing alimony with your former spouse is never fun, which is why you should speak with a divorce attorney and use specific negotiation techniques to reduce conflict during the process. No matter how angry and upset you are with your spouse, you want to bring up the subject of alimony in an objective manner, otherwise your ex may overreact and reject all your attempts to negotiate a settlement.

With that being said, here are some effective conflict negotiation strategies to aid you in your efforts:

Do Not Put On Too Much Pressure: A sure-shot way to sabotage the alimony negotiations is to ambush your ex and bombard them with angry voicemails, emails, and text messages. Instead, let your attorney handle the matter.

Keep a Cool Head: Easier said than done, you might say. Staying calm, however, is absolutely necessary when you are negotiating with your ex — yes, even if you can’t stand them.

Do Not Play the Blame Game: Focus on your own feelings and keep blaming to a minimum. Start thinking about what you want in your life, instead of who betrayed who or who is responsible for the dissolution of your marriage.

Do Not Try to Rush the Process: If negotiations seem to have stalled, it’s best to take a break and wait until both of you are able to think objectively and rationally.

Listen Closely: The whole point of an alimony settlement negotiation process is you are trying to get your ex to hear you out. You want to be heard. Is it too far-fetching to believe that your ex-spouse wants the same? By listening to their concerns and ideas, you will most likely encourage them to return the favor.

At Davis Law Group, we provide strong legal representation for divorcing clients in Massachusetts in all types of complex alimony and property disputes, including those involving family home and potential division of the family business. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in MA who understands how important it is to protect your financial future after a divorce, contact Jay Davis at (617) 752-6216 or fill out this online contact form.

Be Reasonable: Just because you are negotiating doesn’t mean you will end up getting everything you want. Make sure the terms you propose are fair. For example, if your spouse is making $12,000 per month, don’t expect them to pay you $8,000 in alimony.

Be Ready To Compromise: Remember, the very definition of negotiation is to reach an agreement. And that can’t happen unless both of you are open to compromise. If you are not willing to listen to your former spouse and concede on some points, you simply cannot expect your alimony negotiations to succeed. Let your ex know that you are ready to discover a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

Investigate Cohabitation: If your spouse asking for alimony is living with someone else, especially a partner, you can negotiate a lower alimony amount. According to a provision in Alimony Reform Act of Massachusetts, judges have to consider cohabitation when determining the amount of alimony.

Offer More in Assets: If you think you may end up paying a significantly large amount of alimony, you can offer your ex a greater portion of your assets. For example, maybe the other party would prefer a lump-sum cash amount to help with the short-term financial difficulty.

Let Our MA Alimony Attorneys Create a Rock-Solid Negotiation Strategy for You

Having a knowledgeable and results-driven attorney by your side can be a game-changer when discussing alimony with your former spouse. Jay Davis and his team of passionate family law attorneys know what it will take to resolve any differences and achieve your goals.

As highly successful and experienced divorce attorneys in Massachusetts, we have the skills you need to navigate the complex matters of alimony, property division, child custody, and visitation. Call us at (617) 752-6216 or send a message here to make an appointment to speak with an attorney at Davis Law Group today.

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