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Do You Need an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts?


They say that to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If aggression is your divorce lawyer’s solitary weapon, every case is bound to become a fight for them. However, an indiscriminate use of aggression during negotiations could result in lost opportunities for settlement, extra conflict, unnecessary hostility between the two parties, and higher costs of divorce.

In exceptional situations, when there is no hope for an amicable settlement, and regardless of how hard you try to resolve issues through negotiation, a severely contentious divorce may be on the horizon. In this situation, a seasoned divorce attorney might decide to follow a rather aggressive approach. This could work to your advantage in the given circumstances.

It all depends on the unique set of facts and circumstances surrounding your divorce process. Some individuals may want to use the divorce proceedings simply to settle scores with their former spouse. There are usually no winners in this kind of approach. A reasonable divorce process involves just two people separating from each other and learning to move forward in their lives.

One of the top-rated divorce attorneys in Massachusetts, Jay Davis, has the skill, experience, and temperament to switch between aggression and collaboration, depending on the situation. People who turn to Jay for legal family matters know what they are getting: brilliant legal representation and relentless advocacy in pursuit of their legal goals. To set up a free consultation with Jay, call Davis Law Group at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online.

Do You Need an Aggressive Divorce Attorney?

Aggression could work as an effective approach if the opposing party has already adopted a hardline or a non-negotiable position. If there is little room to reach a compromise or one party is refusing to be rational, only aggression might compel the unreasonable side to “feel the pressure” and reconsider their stance.

So, what does an aggressive attorney look like in a divorce case? Successful family law attorneys know that the stereotypical way of being rude in court is the least effective way. Distracting or irritating the judge with unnecessary aggression never works in your favor.

Rather than being manipulative or mean, a real-life aggressive lawyer knows it is more about being thorough, responsive, and legally astute. They are swift in their pursuit of discovery and relentless in moving issues in the court to address the needs of their clients as efficiently as possible. Their focus is on controlling and navigating the narrative of the divorce case on their own terms as far as possible.

This approach not only helps win arguments in court, but can also put pressure on your ex-spouse. A reasonable yet aggressive attorney can compel your ex and their legal team to re-evaluate their strategy and become more cooperative in their responses to you.

If your ex is bent on being obstinate and is determined to hurt your case, Jay Davis and his dedicated legal team can make them rethink their strategies and ensure that your rights are fully protected. To talk to Jay directly, call us at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online.

Why Aggression is Important While Divorcing a Narcissist

It is usually the go-to strategy of narcissists to resort to attacking the other side, be it during a divorce or any other family law matter. If your ex-spouse is a narcissist, they are quite likely to put the entire blame on you while they play the victim card. As for their own bad behavior, they will explain it by saying that you instigated it. Lying and manipulation are common weapons in a narcissist’s arsenal, and they won’t hesitate to use it to drive their point across.

This is why winning an argument with such a person might be impossible by remaining passive. Your emotional and logical appeals will only fall on deaf ears. It’s much more important to use solid, documented facts to build your case from the very outset. When there is recurring manipulation and persistent negativity from the other side, an aggressive attorney can help you control the narrative.

Aggression vs Manipulation

Aggressive or not, a divorce lawyer must handle your case with integrity to keep your interests front and center. When emotions are running high, it can be easy to say one thing and do another, but that can make you lose your credibility and experienced lawyers know that. People are most worthy of respect, and thus power, when they say things exactly like they are. This way, you can earn the respect of the court and any attempts of the other side to discredit you will fail.

Work with a Resolute and Laser-Focused Divorce Attorney in Massachusetts

Jay Davis is one of the most attentive, proactive, and assertive divorce lawyers in the industry who will go the extra mile to provide real solutions. He will try to find innovative solutions to help you realize your goals through resourcefulness and competence.

If the chances of a reasonable settlement don’t seem viable in your case, Jay and his team will take matters to the court and use determination to convince the judge accordingly. Jay understands the importance of presenting your story in the most favorable manner. To protect your rights during a divorce, Davis Law Group is always ready to bring as much aggression to the table as necessary and use the full force of the law. Call us at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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