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Ways to Handle the Emotional Stress in Your MA Divorce


Divorce can be a major disruption in your life and can bring a lot of stress — emotional, financial, and even spiritual. It’s no wonder that the way you handle your divorce can impact your life for years, if not decades, after it happens. Many people share emotional moments stemming from grief, sadness, and guilt following their divorce.

One helpful step to take most of the stress off your shoulders is to work with a qualified Massachusetts divorce attorney you can trust. Jay Davis at Davis Law Group serves clients in the Bay State from the early stages of their marriage through to divorce and other related issues including child custody, visitation, and support. If you need help with preparing for your impending divorce, call us at (617) 752-6216 or send us a message here.

Coping Strategies to Help You Handle Separation or Divorce

Talk to Someone

Although divorce may be a necessary decision for your future and overall well-being, it is far from a “normal” experience. Depending on your personal situation, you may feel anything from wrenching despair or tolerable discomfort to a sense of complete betrayal or personal destruction.

Even if you have a lot of supportive family members and friends around you, in our experience, you’ll find the most beneficial help from either a skilled professional therapist or people who have gone through the same situations. Find a therapist near you who specializes in separation and divorce to get the support you need to get a handle on your emotions. You can also find a support group near you to connect with others who are experienced or have experienced the same pain.

Avoid Making Rash Decisions

When emotions are running high, it can be tough to approach things in a logical manner. This is a time when you may have to make some major decisions, which could shape the rest of your life. And if you make these decisions from a feeling of resentment, anger, confusion, and hurt, you may end up doing irreparable damage to yourself and your children.

Be aware of your emotional state and don’t make any rash decisions. Take as much space and time as you need to weigh all your options and make informed, rational decisions. Seek help from a trusted friend, colleague, or professional. A seasoned divorce attorney, tax experts, real estate agents, financial advisors, and therapists can be invaluable resources during this critical time in your life.

If you are looking for a kind, supportive, and respectful divorce attorney in Massachusetts, reach out to Jay Davis at (617) 752-6216 or leave him a message online. With 27+ years of experience in family law matters in the Bay State, Jay is in a position to guide you through the divorce proceedings and advocate for your best interests every step of the way.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel Sad

Since divorce involves loss, you may find yourself grieving your ex-spouse and the life you’d built and hoped for together. Feelings of sadness, anger, resentment, and denial are common responses to this loss. You may also find yourself distrustful and fearful about entering into new relationships. It will not be easy to let the past go, especially if you have children together.

Understand that these feelings are normal. Don’t feel like you have to “get your life together as soon as possible.” Give yourself time and space to grieve this loss and to be able to confront all the unexpected emotions that’s life throwing your way right now.

Prioritize Your Health and Self-Care

When you’re going through a divorce and it’s not amicable, there’s a lot going on in terms of legal proceedings, paperwork, and the emotional upheaval. With so much on your plate, self-care is probably the last thing on your mind. And yet, it is the most important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Make sure you are getting sufficient rest and quality sleep every night to counteract the impact of prolonged stress. Make a point to spend some time outside, in a natural setting if possible. Try yoga or meditation to ease your mind. Eat a nutrient-rich diet to gain the strength you need to fight through your divorce. Treat yourself once a week to something that cheers you up.

And lastly, know that it is okay to be needy right now. If you want to lean on a trusted friend and vent to your heart’s content, it’s okay to do that. A true friend or a loving family member will always understand that you are hurting and will do everything they can to help — even if it just means listening to you patiently.

Massachusetts Family Law & Divorce Attorney — Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Are you going through a divorce and want to have a tenacious, but compassionate attorney in your corner? Massachusetts divorce attorney Jay Davis and his dedicated legal team at Davis Law Group are here to help. From child support and custody to property division, our expert team can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

While Jay is known for handling divorce issues with compassion and in a peaceful manner, he is dedicated to defending and advocating for your rights by always going the extra mile. To set up your initial consultation, give us a call at (617) 752-6216 or contact us online.

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