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If Divorce is Unavoidable, Accept it and Move On


You fall head-over-heels in love and decide to take the plunge into matrimony. For a while, things may seem hunky dory but sometimes, things start to unravel. What was once endearing now becomes annoying. Bit by bit, you start to discover unpleasant aspects of your spouse’s personality, which had never been apparent during courtship and the initial days of matrimony. In such situations, it is better to part as soon as possible because there is no bigger tragedy than staying in an unhappy marriage.

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Make a Clean Break from the Past

Starting the next chapter in your life is impossible unless you make a clean break with the past. Although, some might say that hanging on and desperately trying to make a go for it indicates strength, but nothing could be further from the truth. Being unable to break away from a toxic atmosphere is a sign that you lack courage to move on and face the world on your own. But, come to think of it, are you really on your own? You always have family and friends for support.

Someone once said that relationships are like glass. It is sometimes more prudent to leave them broken instead of trying to put them back together, which would only end up hurting you. Yes, it is true that it is difficult to reconcile to divorce. Instead of wasting precious moments in your life trying to blame the other, it is better to jettison the negativity and move on.

Avoid Getting Entangled in the Blame Game

You can’t pin the blame on one person for the divorce if both of you as a team failed the marriage — unless there is a case of domestic violence or abuse or other unfortunate things such as adultery or narcissistic behavior. Remember that your divorce can either be just a footnote in your life or it can be a deep scar on your psyche. It all depends on your perception because it is in your hands to chart a happy ending. Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher said that new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

Why is it that that the many annoying traits about your partner that you discovered after you got married, you never had a whiff of them while you were courting. Isn’t that that the fundamental reason why people part? You cannot tolerate your partner’s annoying habits or traits anymore. Well, we instinctively hide our unpleasant idiosyncrasies when we meet anyone, whether we are courting someone or even the initial stages of getting to know a friend or a colleague at work. A wife beater will never give an indication that he could be capable of such egregious behavior, for instance.

Pick Up the Threads to Carry on with Life

We all know what our drawbacks are, don’t we? Of course, there are some people in this world who completely lack the ability to be introspective. They think they have little or no faults whatsoever. Always bear in mind that you can mold a child’s personality, but an adult remains set in his ways and can never change. So, forget about trying to change your spouse for the better. Just make a clean break and move on.

Don’t ever think that your world is falling apart because things are actually falling into place. It is impossible to forget about the past as if it was slate that could be wiped clean. What you need to do is to accept what has happened, pick up the threads, and carry on with your life.

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Life is Short: Do What Makes You Happy

Ironically, the wrong decisions in your life can sometimes lead you to the right path. Maybe you dwell on your past and agonize over your decisions too much. Think about it this way: in a larger context, will it really matter whether you made an effort to save your marriage or not? We are all just mere specks in the cosmos.

So, treasure every moment. Life is fleeting. Do what makes you happy. Stop trying to please everyone and do not worry about living up to everyone’s expectations. Love yourself. You deserve the best. You and everyone you have ever known will be dust one day, some sooner and some later.

Think of Your Children

If you are not happy, it is time to be decisive about changing the status quo. Empower yourself and move on with determination instead of living a miserable life, desperately trying to hang on to a toxic relationship. Don’t make the excuse of your children to hang on to your marriage. Think of what it does to your children when they are witness to an unhealthy atmosphere day after day.

It scars them for eternity and adversely impacts their ability to nurture relationships or to choose life partners wisely when they are adults. Think of what it does to a child’s psyche to witness a father abusing his wife or parents having vicious fights. Somewhere deep down, the child might think it is normal and he or she will one day himself gravitate toward toxic relationships. If that ever happens, you will be indirectly responsible for the perpetuation of this unhealthy cycle.

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